Thomas Friedman – Economic Recovery?

Before my workout this morning, I was watching The Early Show on CBS. There was an interview with Tom Friedman, the New York Times foreign affairs columnist.

I really like listening to Tom. He’s very clear in his explanations of
what’s happening in the world without a lot of editorializing and jargon.

This morning Chris Wragge asked him about the rebound in the stock market – if Tom thought this was the beginning of a serious market recovery. Tom says the rebound is mainly based on the perceived recovery of the European economy but it’s still premature.

What does it mean to you? If you don’t own euros, what do you care? You may be more invested than you think. Do you know what your money market is invested in? Or any mutual funds you may own?

I’m not saying to go out and sell your investments. Just be aware of the world. It’s a lot smaller than you think.

And check out Tom’s website. He has a new book, “That Used To Be Us”.  Another best seller? He talks a lot about how technology and globalization are impacting jobs and careers. A very informative read.

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