Jean Gallagher

Jean Gallagher’s impressive tenure in Finance spans over 30 years. In the 80’s Jean was a stock broker with Dean Witter Morgan Stanley in Beverly Hills. During that time, she provided daily financial reports for the Wall Street Journal on KFWB radio and at the same time was a financial columnist for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner newspaper. In addition, Jean appeared regularly as a financial expert guest on CBS-TV evening news.

Transitioning from the securities industry to real estate finance in 1990, Jean’s broad range of experience in economics and lending has enabled her to provide expert and trustworthy council to thousands of people.

With the advent of modern technology, her goal of covering the entire state of California has come to fruition. Each geographic location has specific needs. California Mortgage Partners* is now the “parent” to the three entities that cater to each. In addition, her many years of personal experience in real estate investing, as well as managing her own properties, has made her first-hand knowledge invaluable to her investor clients.

With today’s complicated and ever-changing markets, having an expert in your corner whom you can trust, is a must. With Jean’s professional range and years of experience, her lending contacts are second to none. This translates not only into savings for her clients, but also support and straight talk, without the ìsales pitch,î that her clients have learned they can count on. The goal of California Mortgage Partners and Jean Gallagher is to quickly and expertly respond to the needs of their clients in this fast-paced, dramatically-changing market. They do so by remaining in front of those changes through education, legislative involvement and a keen awareness of lending guidelines with the goal of leading their clients to solutions tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

*California Mortgage Partners was formed in 2015 as a vehicle to tie together the three companies; Entertainment Mortgage, Benton Mortgage and Benton Mortgage-Palm Desert.

mobile: 310-429-8070