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If You Are Self-Employed Do You Stand a Chance of Getting a Mortgage?

The guidelines for obtaining a mortgage these days favor those who get a regular paycheck. Even if you have almost no money for a down payment, the lenders are happy to lend, if you are what they consider “employed”. Doesn’t matter that you may be laid off and not be able to find another job. [...]

Guidelines for Your New Mortgage

As underwriting guidelines for lenders become more stringent, we need to re-examine what a good mortgage application looks like. As you begin your search for a home, there are a few items that you should be aware of that will help get your loan approved – and with the best possible rate and terms. At [...]

The Price Is The Same But The Cost Is Less

These numbers are truly amazing. It makes great financial sense to purchase a home today, and here’s why. Look at the actual COST of a home right now compared to previous years. Residential real estate values have returned to 2003 first quarter prices. That in itself, says something, but when you factor in today’s much [...]

Anticipating Settlement Costs

For first-time home buyers, all the fees and extra costs beyond what they are paying for their new house may come as a shock. So it’s best to know about them upfront to avoid being caught off guard. One of the most common questions asked is, “Do I pay the realtor?” And the answer to [...]