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New Maximum Loan Limits in California

Lots of new changes and regulations in loan guidelines yet again. Jumbo loans are still the most difficult to get. Whenever possible, a conforming loan – or a High Balance conforming loan will be the easiest to obtain. High Balance Conforming loans are those above $417,000 but not large enough to be considered Jumbos. A High [...]

It’s a Good Time To Buy

If you ask me, this is a good time to buy a home providing you can afford it. If we’ve learned anything about the current disaster in the home-buying market, it’s that buying a home you can’t afford inevitably leads to disaster. And in this case, the disaster is not only in the families that [...]

What’s with these mortgage rates?

The big question on everyone’s mind right now is; what’s with these interest rates? Beginning on Thursday, May 21, rates began to move up, dramatically. They are now a full 1% higher than they were just a couple of short weeks ago. What’s going on, and will they come back down? How many of you procrastinated about refinancing, now think you’ve missed the boat?