Real Estate Marketing-Raise the Bar In 2012

This is the perfect time to raise the bar in your real estate business. Re-dedicate your efforts to list or sell more homes, make more contacts, learn more strategies.

The first step is your real estate marketing plan. Without a plan you’ll waste time and money.

Let’s work first from the numbers you want to hit. Download your Goal Setting Worksheet for 2012.

Now, how are you going to hit those numbers?

1.    First, spend some time cleaning out your database.
2.    Add all those new names you’ve meant to add but haven’t yet.
3.    Outline a 3-point marketing plan: internet, email and print. If you really want to surpass your numbers, add a 4th leg – public speaking, publishing or create your own radio show.
a.   Internet: This means your own blog – which you keep up to date. It also means social media, the more sites the better.
b.   eMail – regularly send a newsletter (not one prepared by someone else). Send this monthly. In the interim, if you have something newsworthy, create an additional email.
c.   Remember the days of the print newsletter? They are so unusual now that you will definitely stand out.
d.   For those who are really serious, becoming a public figure, even in a small pond, will send you over the top.

Most agents hesitate to spend money on marketing when business is slow, yet that’s when it’s needed the most. The top real estate agents across the country spend as much as 10% of their income on marketing.

Make the biggest splash with the least amount of time invested by deciding exactly what your marketing plan will consist of, plugging it into a calendar, then following it daily.

Here are the 6 marketing traits of the top real estate agents in the country.

1) Set Clear Objectives
2) Invest 10% of their earnings into marketing:
a) Specialty print
b) Internet
c) Other
3) Spread the wealth
a) Do not market in one area only – use internet, print, FB ads, etc.
4) Learn New Technology
5) Track their results
6) Constantly Think About How They Can Stand Out From the Crown

Remember, it’s all about visibility and consistent communication.

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