Properly Conducting a Closing

sold signNo venture will run smooth without proper preparation and when it comes to something as critically important as a real estate closing, would you want the closing to come off anything less than smooth? More than likely, you would probably prefer that all goes well with the closing and that no unforeseen problems occur.

While you can never be sure of what the other person is going to do, you can always make sure that you have your own proverbial ducks in a row. So, here are a few tips that you can follow that will prove quite helpful:

More than anything, it is critical that you have solid documentation of all the payments/deposits that you have made and bring them to the closing with you. (You want to avoid any confusion as to what remaining balances – if any – you are required to pay)

Also, it is critical to bring the final closing statement with you. When the closing meeting occurs be sure to examine all titles, deeds, financial statements, etc. for errors so as to avoid any potential misunderstandings or miscalculations.

Be sure to ascertain if any liens exist on the property and to make sure such obligations will not be transferred to you upon the closing.

And it goes without saying that all paperwork should be carefully reviewed prior to signing anything and that any attempts to pressure you into expediting the closing process should be ignored.

Remember, this is serious business and it should be done right!

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