Know Your Credit Score

If you’re looking into purchasing your first home, one of the very first things you should look at is your credit score. While the amount of money you make is very important, and the size of your damage deposit will matter, a poor credit score will sink your mortgage application faster than any other problem. Nothing else matters quite as much as your credit score; even a high-paying job can’t help you if you are a risk to lend to.

If you do have poor credit, there are ways of improving it, prior to applying for a mortgage. Make sure that all of your bills are paid on time, including your credit cards. If you need more help, talk to a credit specialist, and see if they can recommend ways to improve your overall score.

This sort of thing will take some time to see results, so the best time to worry about your credit score is not when you want to buy a house, but years sooner. Keep an eye on your credit at all times, and work to remove any negative reports. That way, when you decide to look for a house, your credit report does not keep you out in the cold.

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