Downtown Los Angeles Just Keeps Getting Better

downtown los angeles

Years ago, UCLA had a weekend “class” – a bicycle tour of downtown Los Angeles guided by an architecture and design professor. I never really appreciated the exquisite architecture our city holds until that weekend. Touring on a bike was a genius idea because it allowed us to take our time and really take in the beauty of each structure as we learned about the history.

This must have been about 20 or 30 years ago because I remember there was almost no traffic on Sunday. That’s changed now with all the downtown residents turning the city into a vibrant hub of activity 24/7. A bike is probably not the best idea but there’s always your two feet.

The next sunny weekend you should treat yourself to a self-guided stroll through the old downtown Los Angeles. There is plenty of newer construction, (Disney Hall for example), but I’m talking about the buildings and spaces that have stood the test of time. Really – when did you last give yourself permission to just relax, enjoy yourself, and bond with your town?

Here’s your itinerary:
  • Pershing Square
  • Grand Central Market
  • Angels Flight (I LOVE Angles Flight – it’s all the romance of Los Angeles’s history, right there)
  • Broadway Trade Center
  • Spring Arts Tower
  • Brockman Building
  • Spring Arcade Building
  • Fine Arts Building – exquisite
  • Ace Hotel
  • James Oviatt Building
  • Tower Theater
  • City Hall
  • The CalEdison

I’ll bet you’ve never heard of some of these.

Curbed Los Angeles has a wonderful article with photos and a short history of each. You can drag your mouse over the pictures to change it from “then” to “now”. You should read it before you set out.

After you take your private tour, you’ll have a new, deeper appreciation for our town. Who knows, you may even forgive the freeway traffic.

Then come back and tell us about your adventure. Don’t forget to take pictures.


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