Don’t Miss Out on Real Estate Foreclosures

Today’s marketplace offers many property investment opportunities, especially with the dramatic rise in foreclosures. Real estate foreclosures can now be purchased for pennies on the dollar and come in a variety of homes and price ranges (and even timeshare properties).

Low Prices

While the location and nearby amenities will play a role in the overall price of any property, with the current economic downturn, an investor can purchase these properties for a substantially cheaper price.

Typical determinants of price, such as square footage, construction, decor, and property size may not play a role at all in a foreclosure purchase. More often the price is based on what is still owed on the original mortgage rather than its real value.

Variety of Properties

So if you have ever considered purchasing a home, there could never be a better time to invest than now. Prices are at an all-time low, interest rates are extremely low, and high dollar properties are being sold off for substantially less. And with the ever-increasing number of foreclosures, you are sure to quickly and easily find something that is just what you are looking for.

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