About Jean

More informal than my official bio, here are:

11 Fun Facts About Jean

One: I love to dance…and I’ve tried…but I’ve always been a terrible dancer.

Two: The surfaces in my home may be messy but my drawers and closets are always organized and spotless.

Three: My left foot and right foot are a different size so over the past 10 years I donated over 200 pairs of shoes to the VA.

Four: I love computer games of strategy.

Five: My dog, Gracie, a Maltipoo, is my best friend.

Six: I took a trip to Ireland and ended up in Moscow. Ask me how that happened!

Seven: I am a coffee fanatic, but never drink it after noon.

Eight: One year I ate Christmas Eve dinner at an suspiciously empty steakhouse in London – I didn’t know it was the height of mad cow disease.

Nine: Speaking of food, I love food truck cuisine.

Ten: My biggest challenge – asking for help.

Eleven: I’ve done over 1 billion dollars in mortgages- mostly to entertainment clients.