4 Ways to Save on Your A/C Bill

Pay BillsIf you’re like me, you’re thinking that running your air conditioning system usually ends up being very costly throughout the summer months, especially if it’s used incorrectly. And what you may not realize is that a large portion of your homes energy bill is made up from your air conditioning system. So below are 4 tips to help you cut the costs of running your air conditioning unit:

1) Set A Reasonably Comfortable Temperature – Don’t set the temperature to the lowest extreme or the air conditioner will never cycle off, which will rack up your bill in no time.

2) Have Refrigerant Levels Tested – A refrigeration mechanic or contractor can test your system to determine if you have a refrigerant leak. If your system appears to be either cooling or heating less than normal, it is a good sign that you may have a gas leak.

3) Learn How To Use Your System Properly – If you are not entirely sure how to use your air conditioning system, chances are you might be using it wrong. Talk with an air conditioning contractor or take the time to look over the users manual for some good advice advice on how to best run your system.

4) Clean Filters & Air Ducts -Finally, give your air ducts and filters a quick clean. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to do, and your air conditioner will probably run better because of it.

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