1st and 2nd Combos – 5% Down Payment JUMBOS

We now have the ability to create a 1st and 2nd mortgage “piggyback” with only a 5% down payment.

Available for Primary Residence or Second Home

The 1st loan is the county loan limit for the property type plus a $500,000 fixed rate 2nd loan. (to a maximum combined loan amount of $1,500,000).

Loan limits per county and property type are here:

For example, in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area, using the 5% down payment formula, you could purchase a home up to:

  • Single family or condo
    • purchase price                $1,196,000
    • combined loan amount   $1,136,150
    • down payment                $59,800

2-4 units – are also qualified to larger loan amounts

Available loans are 30- and 15 year fixed rates or 5/, 7, or 10 year Adjustable Rates

These loans are for “Full Document” borrowers, which includes tax returns and